Why Invest in Imus

The City of Imus is fast emerging as a major urban center in the province. Alongside the national government’s efforts to promote the CALABARZON area, the investment climate in the Municipality of Imus has continued to attract a number of foreign and local investors either to initialize their operations or to establish their physical base in the area. These investments create new jobs, serve as vehicles for new technologies and earn export as well. As employment opportunities grow, income sources of the residents in the municipality also become diversified.

This brings about increased purchasing power of local consumers and more savings generation which are used as initial capitalization for small and medium-scale enterprises. As investment programs in the municipality intensify, a number of commercial, industrial, and retail establishments and micro-enterprises continue to flourish in the area. Leading industrial establishments in the municipality are the major partnerships among Filipino, Japanese, or Taiwanese investors.

For the years ahead, aside from the major industrial and commercial establishments, the small and medium-scale enterprises shall be one of the focuses of commerce and industry in the municipality. These enterprises are areas where technical and economic cooperation with the private sector can be put to test as these enterprises continue to employ a large number of people which need to be guided into the mainstream of economic activity.